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Last update: Monday 5 December 2016

Los Roques Venezuela

The clearest water of the Caribbean Sea surrounds this archipelago made up by keys, sandbanks and corral reefs. Dream place for visitors who get caught by the range of colors that predominate in the nature. For being a National Park there aren’t big hotels but inns.

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Story of the National Park Los Roques and the contribution of The Scientific Foundation Los Roques (FCLR) in its creation:

The initiative to set up The Scientific Foundation Los Roques (FCLR) emerged from a group of people who regularly travelled to Los Roques on their private motorboats, nature lovers who enjoyed the scenic beauty and goodness of the marine resources in this lovely place. These private individuals noticed that Los Roques soon would turn into a place of high tourist interest which together with a non-controlled fishing activity by that time would become a threat to the conservation of this important archipelago.

With this worry they promoted the idea of a foundation that first of all could develop the needed research that would prove the significance of this place and then promote before the authorities the creation of the National Park which only was realized in 1972, nine years later.

To comply with their goals, the FCLR built a Marine Biology Station on Los Roques, contributing the monetary resources that made possible to build, with the permission from the National Government, the basic facilities on Dos Mosquises Sur Key. By that time, it was an enormous task because of the difficulties to found a company of this kind in a virtually unexplored area, with the complications that may be caused by being established in a place more than 170 kilometers from mainland.

That is how since 1963, year in which was officially set up The Scientific Foundation Los Roques in Venezuela. It has played a leading role and has been participant of a great career of successes in scientific research, thanks to its incessant task to spread knowledge and significance of conserving our natural resources to many students, communities and general public.

Professor Francisco Tamayo’s contribution

Professor Francisco Tamayo wasn’t born close to the sea. His origin is linked to Sanare, a little village in the state of Lara that has the dryness of its landscape in common with Los Roques.

But Tamayo was an important career researcher who was entrusted by the government with the feasibility study to turn the archipelago Los Roques into a national park in 1970.

The answer would be favorable and two years later, in 1972, was signed the decree that set up the national park dealing with criteria like the peculiarity of the ecosystem, the fragility and the value of its natural resources.

This new status made possible to divide the park in several area: integrated protection; primitive marine; natural environment and recreation. Public access to the integrated protection area is denied since they are area where species nest.

In the primitive marine area scuba diving, sport fishing and sailing can be practiced but only with prior authorization and in groups not exceeding 45 persons.

The natural environment and recreation area are designated to passive activities and sailing, provided that the regulations of a national park are observed.


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Los Roques Gran Roque

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