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Last update: Monday 5 December 2016

Inns - Accommodations to Morrocoy - Tucacas - Chichiriviche


The Morrocoy National Park is located in the State of Falcón, in the northwest of Venezuela close to the villages of Boca de Aroa, Tucacas, Sanare, Chichiriviche, Flamenco and Tocuyo de la Costa. It was declared National Park in 1974 and consists of 32.090 ha.

The Park extends across terrestrial areas as well as aquatic areas of the Golfo Triste, it contains a mangrove area and a large amount of islets or keys. Among them are: Borracho, Pelón, Sombrero, Sal, Playuela and Peraza amongst others. In relief stand out Cerro Chichiriviche (Chichiriviche Hill) with an elevation of 250 mts; the group of bays and mangroves as well as the keys and islands.

The beaches of Morrocoy are spectacular; let us find some of them: Cayo Sombrero, Playuela, Playuelita, Cayo Alemán, Mayorquina, Cayo de Pescadores, Playa Mero, Punta Brava, Paicla, Boca Seca, Los Juanes, Bajo Caiman, Tucupido, etc. But also underneath them the corals and fishes offer all their magnificence to scuba-divers and particularly on three islets even though they are out of the park area, roughly 7 nautical miles from Tucacas, they keep a special protected zone status: Cayo Norte, Cayo Medio and Cayo Sur.

Inside of the Morrocoy National Park come large amounts of tourists from all over the country who are going to enjoy the variety of beaches, some come to camp and others come on their crafts (motorboats). As it is a National Park, it is under surveillance of INPARQUES (National Parks Institute) who maintains order and control of it.



In this section you will find accommodations in lodges, hotels, yachts andsailboats in the Morrocoy National Park, All-inclusive packages, boat rentals (boats, sailboats, yachts, peñeros). Transfer services to the Keys National Park Morrocoy.

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