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Last update: Monday 5 December 2016

Angel Fall - Full day


Some tourists have had previous ventures to incredible destinations around the world, but you will easily say that this tour was the best travel experience you have ever had. With unrivalled natural beauty, friendly people and outstanding guides, this tour offers one surprise after another.

Angel Fall's sound and landscapes are unforgettable. Thousands of people have take this tour because it is an easy and enjoyable way to be in front of this world known fall. During your exciting adventure to Angel Fall you will be witness of dazzling birds, parrots as well as many other exotic species. The jungle is also rich in exotic wildlife, such as anteaters, jaguars, sloths and howler monkeys. To get to the base of Angel Fall, Pemon guides will escort tourits on a 1 to 1.5-hour slow walking (at your own speed) through the soaring canopied rainforest.

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